Feel free to submit a prayer request online. We do post prayer requests in our weekly bulletin and on the list below. So, if you would prefer your name be kept private, please note that in your request and only our prayer team will be aware of an "unspoken" request. On the other hand, you may also feel free to include as much information as you are comfortable.


Our Church - Our Nation - Our First Responders - Our Military & Their Families

Blake Anderson
Family of Jim Andrew
Brandy Baker
Linda Barber
Lowell Bennett
Brandee Brantly
Glenda Brooks
Family of Jo Burkholder
Laura Burkholder 
Rob Cook
Family of Willard Cox
Cherry Crowler
Brian Cumberland
Gentry Dokter
Kenneth Dyer
Susanne Grafton
Tim Hamilton
Family of Linda Heaton
Anthony Herrin
David Hinkle
James Hudson
Pat Huggins
Alison Humann
Aaron & Karen Humann
Josy Jimenez
Barbara Johnson
Paul Jones
Andy Keathley
Tom Lester
Nicky Parker/Mazoch Family
Amber McNutt
Jeanne McQuarry
John Minerek
Sully Montgomery
Family of Frankie Don Morris

Mary Palemeri

Carol Perry
Josh Poe
Bill Post
Hubert Powell
Scotti Spencer
Jimmy Strange
Donna Thomas
Trecina & Baby
Carol Wallace
Layton Vandergraff 
Freddie Vargas
Juanita Ward
Larry Ward
Evan Woods


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